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All About The Puffins

To kick summer off, if you love Puffins as much as I love photographing them please check out the June 2018 Issue #85 of N-Photo Magazine for some beautiful puffin photos. I am honored to be a special contributor for this issue and featured on the same page as the one and only Joe McNally Photography. A brief overview of the puffin images can also be accessed here and as always prints can be purchased here.

National Geographic Top Shot Award

Honored to have won my second National Geographic Top Shot award. Below is the winning image which is a crop of a full frame 35mm (FX) photographed with all of the bald eagle’s wings in frame. I liked the way the cropped version looked as it displayed all of the eagle’s fine details as she went in to pick up the fish out of the water (and she got it, I have 50+ images form the sequence). As always this bald eagle was photographed in the wild, all natural, with no baiting or any other nefarious shenanigans. For the gear-geeks, I photographed this with my Nikkor 800mm f/5.6 FL ED VR with 1.25TC attached to my Nikon D4S. Can’t wait to shoot my D5 with this glass!  Please feel free to follow me on National Geographic.